Using colour coded shim material provides easy, reliable and fast recognition of their thickness by their colour. There is no need to use a micrometer thus saving on time and costs and providing greater dependability on assembly and improving of the quality of the finished product.

In many applications plastic shims, can replace metal due to the improved technology in providing perfomance characteristics which differ from those of metal, e.g. folding endurance, chemical resistance, tensile strength to break, etc. Plastic shims also cost less than metal which adds to their cost effectiveness.

Arbor shims for milling machines; slitting machinery for steel or non-metals; pumps; power transmissions; reduction gear units; all types of filters; compressors; diesel engines; escalator and elevator manufactures; all engineering workshops; earth moving equipment; mining equipment; marine applications; optical equipment; vehicle washing equipment; dot matrix printers; bearings; nuclear power plants.

Chemical resistance to:
Acetic acid, hydrochloric acid 10%, sodium hydroxide 10%, water, tricoethlene, detergent oils 10C, detergent oils 90C, other hydrocarbon oils.


Metric size range from 0,012 mm to 1,0 mm
Non-metric sizes range from 0,0005” to 0,04”
Available in sheets 1220 x 610 mm
Some thicknesses are available in bulk length rolls of 250metres x 0,610 wide.
These materials can be cut into any shape and/or size.

Perfomance will vary depending on the combination of working conditions relating to time, heat, stress and chemicals

Acknowledgement: Gasket Manufacturing Corporation (Pty) Ltd



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