There is a wide range of packings to choose from for every application. Your decision to standardize on Gasket Manufacturing Corporation brand of pump packings has already gone a long way in solving most of your pump packing problems. To assist you in the correct selection of gland packing for your application you need to know the following:

Is the packing required for a pump or a valve? If for a pump you need the following information:

1.      Determine media to be sealed.

2.      Dimension of stuffing box inside diameter.

3.      O/D of shaft and I/D of stuffing box eg. shaft = 20mm, stuffing box = 40mm. By dividing the difference by 2 you know the correct size packing required. 40-20 = 20÷2 = 10mm

4.      Check the mechanical condition of your equipment. Replace if found faulty.

5.      Determine the shaft velocity in metres per second.

6.      Determine media temperature in stuffing box.

7.      pH of media to be sealed.

8.      Stuffing box pressure. If unknown, work on 2/3 of discharge pressure.

9.      Any other special requirements, such as,
a) non-contamination of media to be pumped or
b) severe abrasive slurry, etc.


  • Vegetable fibre packings impregnated with graphite or molybdenum disulphide to handle cold water or mild slurries.
  • Non Asbestos graphite packings for low temperature steam applications.
  • Non Asbestos packings impregnated with special lubricants for high speed or high temperature applications.
  • Non Asbestos packings for chemicals, oil, solvents etc.
  • Packing impregnated with RaybonŽ lubricant to handle high pressures and severe abrasive applications such as those found in sugar mills, coal mines, chemical slurries etc.
  • A range of non-asbestos packings impregnated with RaybonŽ lubricant or P.T.F.E. to handle special applications.
  • Packings made from pure P.T.F.E. pure graphite filaments or pure carbon yarns for special applications.
  • Non Asbestos woven gaskets to customers’ own requirements.
  • Non Asbestos cord yarns, tapes and cloth.
  • Specially constructed seals for furnaces, electrodes etc.





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